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Virginia Plumbing Enterprise Ltd can offer customers installation and service options for 

Unvented Hot Water Storage

There are many advantages of having unvented hot water storage over a standard hot water tank,

for example: 


Heating System Flush Out


A heating system flush out is not the same as a boiler service, as a boiler service only deals with the boiler itself.

It’s just as important to replace the water within the heating system to prolong the life of your:​

  • Radiators

  • Radiator valves

  • The valves in the boiler 

  • The pump

  • Zone valves


Hot Water Tank Replacement and Upgrades


We can provide and install new more thermally efficient hot water storage, smaller or larger depending on your needs.


Loft Insulation


Get ahead of the game and insulate your loft area.  We can do this at the same time as when your new hot water storage is being installed.


Recommended Servicing Inspection

  • General inspection of the whole system (12 months)

  • Heating control valves (12 months)

  • Cold water storage (6 month)

  • Float operated valves (6 months)

  • Taps and other similar outlets (6-12 months)

  • Piping within the house (12 months)

  • Thermostats (6)

By following these steps could save yourself a lot of money in the future, as in the event of a failure could cause more damage and a high cost of repair.

  • High flow rates to all terminal fittings. Shower delivery rate improved so no need for that noisy pump. Your bath and sink will fill up quicker.

  • A balanced hot and cold supply to your taps and outlets, most showers require a balance supply. 

  • No cold water tank in the loft tanking up valuable space.

  • Unvented hot water storage can be installed anywhere in the house, including the garage.



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